Thank You For Everything !

I'd Like to thank everyone for the time and patience you have spent with me. I could'nt do it without your support and effort so go the extra mile to show your appreciation! continue the journey
with me.---->


Day 23 B O N U S

Day 4

 I think i caught that H1 N1 non sense anyway ......  been mad tired lately but the show will go on .... I was planning on flying in a helicopter but ... they heard my name was Jahaan  and put me on the no fly list ... Jk  inside joke  you wouldnt get it .... The rain shut down that shoot but i will be getting high... Until next time Check out the Video my FaceBookers

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Duke Ellington Day On The A Train Classic

Re or De Construction ?

Short timelapse sequence to start off the blog looks cool to me, getting back to A T L A N T A will be ( speechless )

( ! * * ! )