Thank You For Everything !

I'd Like to thank everyone for the time and patience you have spent with me. I could'nt do it without your support and effort so go the extra mile to show your appreciation! continue the journey
with me.---->


Day 23 B O N U S

Day 26 THEE END !

YESSS.It feels good to be out...... I'm Off to Atlanta i like the "look" I get when I carry luggage... People give me that damn i'm stuck here while you get to leave "look" lol yeah I can do that......... Either way Ill be busy swmming tomorrow BBQ or something...... More Pics Coming Soon I Thank Everyone For the Love, Support, TIME and PATIENCE .............that is what keeps me going ... Well Until Next
THE COUNTDOWN- TO A_TOWN ......signing off :.

6:00 PM

I met a cool brother he blessed me with alot of insight and ideas ..... Assistant Principal of a School you know i was open ears.. ... ... I gave a copy of London's Life to check out.... looking forward to hearing your feedback Mr. Ward

8:00 P.M

It's COLD plzzz turn down the ac.. please !

12:00 P.M

8:00 AM
..... It Feels Good to Be Back...... and Warm

Day 25

TyDAY Y was aiiight.... lol nahh today was great I setup a small private screening ... o n l i n e ... I had some great feedback __ + __ I will be posting the reviews at ya know so thanks for the response and support once again ! Other than that I took on my first shift with the Drummers did my first show on the shuttle ! It went good clocking Kesef wit ---SHA #2 ... Shout out to me, write me, txt msg me, call me, send a kite, fly a bird, all that .. I have the password .. T H R E E days remaining .......

Day 24

NEW...... E X C L U S I V E .... Day 23 video is in the works proccessing right now ! NEW ........ E X C L U S I V E ..... OFFICIAL **** LONDON"S LIFE BLOG**** in the works I should have that up tonight .... That blog will focus more on elements in the actual LONDON'S LIFE MOVIE along with many Photographs taken by non other than Mr. London himself cuz im nice like that.... Well Check it Out Today I have just been grinding it out burning Dvd's making Covers all that ... New Sites New Videos New Money !! .... Shout Out to THE  BRONX BROOKLYN QUEENS  .. g o h a r d !

Day 23

....... L o n d o n almost was not here today to bring you Day... 20 something ... I had a very close call last night while i was txt msgin .... Our Jeep damn there went under a 18 Wheeler truck.. big dmg but we still living !  .....  Luckily we made it out of that scene UnHarmed and Safely home toda yah ! ....... So with that being said today we are relaxing .......taking the train and enjoying London's Life  @ one of my child hood spots pops used to bring me to ........ *** * * * *   *   *  C   O  N  E Y    I  S  L  A  N  D *  *   * * * * *** ! I had fun today i was there  for a short period... the weather was nice ladies in the bikini's was fly ... so  i was successful .... you ?

Day 22

So ..... Last night and today was pretty funny i fell asleep on the train as usual ... but i woke up with a lady in my ear talking on the phone to her boyfriend... I knew this because She was tired of him calling in the middle of the Night and not seeing her more than once a week she did'nt look bad either .... I would see her more than once a week if she were my boo .... anyway ... Seemed like dude didnt want to give her a break from the relationship...... I got to the point where she was laughing at him try to give reasons why the break is un-needed .....  This made me realize how much control m e n don't have when chicks want to jump ship lol ..... I think there mind is made up way before they come to us before the bad news..... just something i thought was interesting ..... mean while.. I'm stacking up $ for a camera so...... I may be getting a camera this week so stay tuned i know the videos MIA....... NEW VIDEO BLOCK coming soon ! Be in Atlanta on the 20th !

Day 21...

All these days are just looking... and feeling like one big day.... when you record for long periods of time, especially yourself ... it seems to help get a better understanding with time. Time is not as long as it used to be ..It's kinda cool that i can watch different places that i Have been everyday with nice music in the background and stuff.... 20 vids deep... i'd say i kept my end of the bargain thus far....... Wheres the music industry seems like it just fell off the planet. Im not looking forward to anyone's album.... thats not good ... well may BP3 and that London's Life SoundTrack ... yea that sounds like a plan !

Day 20

THE AFTERMATH   lol everything went great.... after i left the screening last night we went back uptown ( 4 )  to celebrate because it was one of the drummers, Quooms, Birthday. While on the train we started kicking it about how riding the train without playing the drum is weird..... oddly enough two stops later a brother i met in Central Park last summer, steps onto the train with a fresh Djembe drum .... it was a wrap Quoom hopped on the drum for a breif BDay show ..... I was about to record but some moments you just want to take in for yourself along with the good vibes .. ..  ...  ... Thanks for all the support and feedback from the screening London's Life II coming next season along with Quoom's Life (w.t) .......

Day 19

Today is the big day.... I should be nervous but.... I'm well prepared and ready to see how people receive my movie....So I should be straight I was thinking of making Trailer #2 and I still might ... Love is London web site will be up soon... Still going strong Day 19 ... ... . Ill be posting the London's Life Q & A Session footage after the screening ..... I didnt shoot it lol so mind the quality .... i understand

Day 17 & 18

No sleep today so I am putting both Days together in this report ! well I have not went home in a few days so when I got there ..... I smelled that the power went out and a stench went throughout my house that reminded me of death, I have been cloroxing and bleaching the floors walls radiators everything lol ...... i just threw everything in the garbage......... The smell still has not left but it has gotten better..... The videos are in the works i have been getting ready for this screening and I promise tomorrow i will post up what i did for the Day 13 14 and 15 ....... Possible Trailer #2  .... keep it locked

Day 16

B A N G !  B A N G ! ! you know what time it is...... c e l e b r a t i o n b ! ^ # *  We don't wait until the 4th of July in New York to let them thangs ! P O P ! with that being said no sleep last night ...... First we going to check out the big show usually on the river at the Lower East Side but This year they decided to bring it to the West Side .... (attract more tourist) any who .... this lady came threw and pushed her way threw the crowed of 500 + easy  thanksss cuz i was right behind her lol ..... Exclusive 4th of July Footage coming tomorrow ......  I should be getting paid for this ish..... speaking of paid where's my damn check for last month ........J O H N N Y !!!!!!!!!!!!! lets get it together ----- > p e o p l e 

Day 15

The clock is winding down on me .... it's almost over and about that time where I get ready to bounce out of this place called New York. It's been a wild ride definately a productive visit.... I managed to finish my first documentary and make plans for my next two big projects. I will most likely be back...

Day 14

busy ..... busy ..... Another day with the drummers .. getting more movies finished ya know... My next project revolves around a drummer that goes by the name of Quoom and resides in the BronX borough... I'm showing the struggle and day to day grind of a percussion player.... you may have seen' em one or a few of my videos...  Q.DOC coming soon be on the look out ! Vids will be posted when i get time..... which will be tomorrow ! 

Day 13 : $ (

They got me ...... lol ..... I had to turn in the camera today  so no new new vids ... b u t  .... ill have a better cam by the weekend though so dont worry .... I'm thinking about doing Trailer #2 for today but i have been working on the London's Life Movie getting the Color Corrected and Audio Mastered. Shout out to Leaf and Jason for coming threw D C T V,  I wish i was getting on that damn Plane to MIAMI tomorrow morning.. that would make a hot Day 13, 14 and 15   %**@#  I want to go ... while  the topic is MIAMI shout to Will and His Wife/GF not sure of name lol cool brother i met on the train while reading my entrpreneur book ... stay on ya grind ! anyway.... I'm here ... again ....         Is anyone even listening hahah ! ??  or watching .... 

Day 12

 So..... Twelve days later and we are still here. Atleast I am .....anywho .... Last night I ran into some MTA trouble messing around on 14th St Union Square my black a*$ decided to take the ( L ) train... I never take the ( L ) train, so when it stopped service un0announced halfway into CrooKlYn I had to get on that damn shuttle. Packed with people as usual i like to call it the hostage shuttle. By the time i made it back on track I did'nt even want to head all the way out to Queens 2 a.m In the morning, the bus would take Forever so i called up a good....wait...  a great friend of mine and she let me come threw for the night... Watch Day 12  v i d to see what comes after the SunRise  !  \ ! \ ! 

Day 11

It is that time again folks... no no no put your wallets back in your pocket for now... lol It's day Eleven of CountDown to A-Town and today we are free to do what ever when ever and how ever we would like to do it you know why?........ waiting ......... because i can. I choose to do what i like to do and i execute. You would be surprised how many of us walking this earth live a life in routine. Can ya dig it !

Day 10

Brrrr it's cold where I'm at.... lol what to do, what to do today I think today we are going to hit up Gov Island. It is a little island off of Manhattan very quiet and peaceful get away whenever the people in the city get tooo negative for me. Once again i am alone ... kinda how i like it but i heard a song today not the first time I've heard it but this song reminds me that i do need someone to spend these last days with. Remember, "If noone does, I need you."  

Day 9

Today is dedicated to the King of Pop .... Michael Jackson has passed away but he will live on in everyone's heart forever. Some people are touched and hurt deeply by today so today we remember and never forget who was the baddest, the most dangerous, and made me want to walk on the Moon...... Check out the Video for today this one is for you ! 

Day 8

Chilly Chilllll ..... today we are relaxing, well I'm chilling alone so there is no we lol. Today I'm hitting up Roosevelt Island I have never been an always wondered what it looked liked.... I always see it in the movies..... The ride is fun you have to take a AIRTRAN... not sure of the official name but It's a TRAIN in the air so AIRTRAN.. either way it's all good today was laid back check out the Taking L's track off the London's Life Soundtrack     Day 8-->V_I_D

Day 7even

Today was not that boooooring. It was a long l o n e l y day at the office, I need a * i f e haha that could be a W for Wife or L for Life you decide. I did have fun last night though met some new peeps chilled with someone I'm looking forward to seeing in Atlanta possibly. Other than that the hunt for the ladies is on ! 

Day 6ix

I feel like i caught the .... yuuuuuckputmeonthenextplanetoAtlanta stomach virus. lol it's contagious. But if you know me that is IF,  you know a lil ol cold will not stop the grind. I have a remedy for this type of setback .. it's called WORK HARDER 

Day 5

aaaaaaaa ... I'm so exhausted had much fun last night thanks to a very fun group of people. Teachers sure know how to get loose when school lets out. Still feeling it .... played some music drank a lil just a lil haha. ! shout out to KIPP star and Amsterdam Lounge in Harlem !

Day 4

 I think i caught that H1 N1 non sense anyway ......  been mad tired lately but the show will go on .... I was planning on flying in a helicopter but ... they heard my name was Jahaan  and put me on the no fly list ... Jk  inside joke  you wouldnt get it .... The rain shut down that shoot but i will be getting high... Until next time Check out the Video my FaceBookers

Day Two

We Are Counting Down the Days until I'm back in Atlanta check out where it all started DCTV ..... You get to see the workspace that I occupy myself along with the people i work beside... stay tuned for Day 3!

Day Three

Whats hood people..... Back for Day 3 ? yea i knew you would come back like cooked cra... anywho, This Video Blog thing may be harder than i planned it to be  BUT  let's see 4 weeks over 28 Videos... atleast minute each .... Do i hear DVD Limited EDITON ????   Keep it Locked on London Peace .... 

Day One NYC - ATL

Day One .... been a crazy weekend .. or week. Moms is back on her drug s#!t ! any way ... NY is good for visiting but this long term stay is coming to an end! Countdown to A-town Begins now ! I will be leaving to head back to Atlanta in 4 weeks after my first big movie screening so stay tuned London's Life never stops!

Day 5ive

Day 6IX

Day 7even

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10

Day 12

Day 14

Day 15 Trailer #2

Day 16

Duke Ellington Day On The A Train Classic

Re or De Construction ?

Short timelapse sequence to start off the blog looks cool to me, getting back to A T L A N T A will be ( speechless )

( ! * * ! )