Thank You For Everything !

I'd Like to thank everyone for the time and patience you have spent with me. I could'nt do it without your support and effort so go the extra mile to show your appreciation! continue the journey
with me.---->


Day 23 B O N U S

Day 20

THE AFTERMATH   lol everything went great.... after i left the screening last night we went back uptown ( 4 )  to celebrate because it was one of the drummers, Quooms, Birthday. While on the train we started kicking it about how riding the train without playing the drum is weird..... oddly enough two stops later a brother i met in Central Park last summer, steps onto the train with a fresh Djembe drum .... it was a wrap Quoom hopped on the drum for a breif BDay show ..... I was about to record but some moments you just want to take in for yourself along with the good vibes .. ..  ...  ... Thanks for all the support and feedback from the screening London's Life II coming next season along with Quoom's Life (w.t) .......

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Duke Ellington Day On The A Train Classic

Re or De Construction ?

Short timelapse sequence to start off the blog looks cool to me, getting back to A T L A N T A will be ( speechless )

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