Thank You For Everything !

I'd Like to thank everyone for the time and patience you have spent with me. I could'nt do it without your support and effort so go the extra mile to show your appreciation! continue the journey
with me.---->


Day 23 B O N U S

Day 13 : $ (

They got me ...... lol ..... I had to turn in the camera today  so no new new vids ... b u t  .... ill have a better cam by the weekend though so dont worry .... I'm thinking about doing Trailer #2 for today but i have been working on the London's Life Movie getting the Color Corrected and Audio Mastered. Shout out to Leaf and Jason for coming threw D C T V,  I wish i was getting on that damn Plane to MIAMI tomorrow morning.. that would make a hot Day 13, 14 and 15   %**@#  I want to go ... while  the topic is MIAMI shout to Will and His Wife/GF not sure of name lol cool brother i met on the train while reading my entrpreneur book ... stay on ya grind ! anyway.... I'm here ... again ....         Is anyone even listening hahah ! ??  or watching .... 

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Duke Ellington Day On The A Train Classic

Re or De Construction ?

Short timelapse sequence to start off the blog looks cool to me, getting back to A T L A N T A will be ( speechless )

( ! * * ! )